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“Hemp is one of the most sustainable plants you can find. It’s a very modest plant. She grows so fast and has so many properties that are great for our body. [...] It can be used for so many things, it’s amazing!”

Barbara Novak

Hemptouch | Slovenia

“We were completely new in the industry, so we knew nobody. [...] But everyone was kind enough to present partners and talk about the expo, [...] People are very open and they try to help”

Kevin Rebelo Lopes

Hempzon | Luxembourg

"It’s one of the most fascinating industries to be a part of in the world, currently. It is completely disruptive.[..] It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, we are not going to see this again."

Joe Oliver

Faircann | UK

“If it is possible to collaborate, you definitely should. It just makes both sides stronger. Instead of making enemies in the industry, you are actually making friends, supporting one another”

Tom  Pettit

Smells Like Business | Denmark

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