our mission

Our mission is to get rid of the stigma cannabis has garnered over the last century and to make sure the cannabis industry enters Europe in the best and most responsible way possible.


We do so by advocating sustainable practices within the industry and educating the general public, as well as people in positions of power, on the benefits the industry can have, not only on the economy, but also the environment and our health.

our aim

Our aim is to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to enter the cannabis industry in Europe.


Whether you are just curious about the future of cannabis, looking for a job in the industry, or want to start your own cannabis business in Europe, we are here to inform and help you make the right decisions.

who we are

We are a small company located in the beautiful city of Copenhagen and we are made up of a team of expats from different parts of Europe.


Tom Pettit is an ex-budtender turned presenter and host. Tom will be with you at every stage of the process. You will hear his voice in the podcast, you will be led by him during our events, and he will get you the answers you need.


Zaneta Pacific is a cannabis writer. She creates engaging and informative content about cannabis, with special focus on Europe. Get in touch if you know you need to educate your customers and do not know where to start - Zaneta will know!

what we do

We focus on creating useful and informative content for people who want to have a better understanding of the cannabis industry in Europe, or who simply want to learn more about the plant and its many applications.


One of the ways we do so is by running a biweekly podcast (available on all major platforms) called Smells Like Business, where we discuss different cannabis-related topics with various cannabis entrepreneurs and experts.

If you want to learn more then give our podcast a listen and read this in depth interview with Zaneta on what it is we stand for and how we plan to help you understand the cannabis market in Europe.

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