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Smells Like Business creates useful and informative content for people who want to understand the cannabis industry in Europe or who want to learn more about the cannabis plant and its many applications.

We run a podcast (available on all major platforms) called Smells Like Business, where we discuss different cannabis-related topics with various cannabis entrepreneurs and experts from a Eurocentric point of view.

We also support cannabis, CBD, and hemp entrepreneurs and businesses by creating engaging and well-researched content for their audience.

Tom Pettit Zaneta Pacific

Tom Pettit & Zaneta Pacific

Why We Do It

Our mission is to share knowledge and ideas about cannabis and to support entrepreneurs who want to make sure that the cannabis industry enters Europe in a fair and responsible way. 

We do so by working directly with start-ups and by actively trying to help eliminate the stigma cannabis has garnered in Europe over the last century. We do all we can to educate entrepreneurs,  consumers, and people in positions of power on the positive impact the cannabis industry can have. Not only on the economy, but also on the environment and our health.

If our mission resonates with you and your business, drop us a line. Maybe we can combine our efforts?

Who We Are

Tom Pettit is the Co-Founder of Smells Like Business and the host of our Smells Like Business podcast. Before becoming a host, Tom worked as a budtender in Amsterdam and as a professional drummer performing around Europe. He is a huge cannabis advocate. He is now focused on researching and trying to understand the future of cannabis in Europe, hoping that his findings can make it easier for you to set up and run a fair, sustainable and succesfull CBD, Hemp and Cannabis business.

Zaneta Pacific is a cannabis content specialist and the CEO of Smells Like Business. She has 7 years of experience working for a Danish start-up providing services to Fortune 500 companies. She now spends her days running Smells Like Business and creating engaging and informative content about CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis for companies based in Europe, USA and Canada.

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