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Looking for a Cannabis Writer? 

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We are writers, cannabis specialists and proofreaders working for you.

Smells Like Business is a one-stop solution for all your cannabis copywriting needs.


We use facts, clear language, and naturally placed keywords to assure your customers are never overwhelmed. Our content is educational, engaging, and easy for your readers (and search engines) to understand. 

All while keeping SEO in mind.

High quality content from people who know your niche inside-out.

We are the first European copywriting agency to provide services for cannabis, hemp, and CBD businesses in Europe. We have helped numerous companies grow their readership and increase their web traffic. 

Our clients are mostly European cannabis, hemp, and CBD businesses. We have experience in working directly with dispensaries, as well as grow shops, seed banks, CBD and hemp e-commerce, and specialised packaging companies

Could your cannabis website benefit from a little revamp? Would your customers enjoy finding answers to all their questions on your website? Do you want to make sure your message is conveyed in a clear and powerful way? Get in touch

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Good copywriting equals good business.


We have worked with every type of cannabis consumer on the market - from those exploring CBD for the very first time, to regular and devoted cannabis users. We write helpful and easy-to-understand articles, guides, product descriptions, and e-books to help educate, engage, and excite your audience and end-users.

We also do ghostwriting!


Would you like us to help, but don't want the world to know? That's no problem. We provide ghostwriting services for people wishing to publish blog posts, books, guides and scripts. You need it, we write it. 

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