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We are a team of writers, proofreaders and specialists who love cannabis and the written word. 

We work together to provide services that help people and companies make their mark in the European C cannabis industry. We collaborate with brands that want to do things the right way and are here for the long run.  Is that you?

Co-Founders of Smells Like Business, Tom Pettit Zaneta Pac

Tom Pettit & Zaneta Pac

Meet our Founders

Zaneta Pac is the CEO and Co-Founder of Smells Like Business. She is also one of the first European Cannabis Copywriters to help businesses write engaging and informative content about cannabis, CBD, and hemp.

Zaneta moved to the Netherlands in 2006, where she lived for 5 years. During that time, she earned her first Bachelor's degree from Maastricht University and continued her education at the University of Amsterdam, where she graduate with a title of Msc in Comperative Organisation and Labour Studies.

The Netherlands is also where Zaneta discovered cannabis and started learning about the history and the science behind this amazing plant.

Having studied Children's Literature, Liberal Arts and Sociology, Zaneta knows how to write texts that are both engaging and easy to read. She now uses her knowledge to write interesting and informative content for people curious about incorporating  cannabis products into their lives.

She now splits her time and energy between running Smells Like Business and providing European companies operating within the CBD and Hemp industry with premium cannabis copywriting services as the Head Writer at Smells Like Business.

Tom Pettit is the Cannabis Expert and Co-Founder of Smells Like Business, as well as the host of the Smells Like Business Podcast. At 22, Tom moved to Amsterdam to start his cannabis career at Barney's Farm, a world-famous coffeeshop. 

Life then pointed him in a different direction as he got the opportunity to tour across Europe with his band (at the time). He lived a life of a professional musician until 2018, when he decided to hang up his musical hat.

Today he is a cannabis expert and editor, making sure all our texts sound great and have no inaccuracies. Tom also runs our Smells Like Business podcast, where he talks to cannabis experts from around the world, gaining insights on different aspects of the cannabis industry. 

You can listen to his conversations here.

Why We Do It

Our mission is to educate and share knowledge about cannabis, helping to assure the industry enters and develops in Europe in a fair and responsible manner. We do so by helping eliminate the stigma around the plant with our words, and by working directly with legal cannabis, CBD and hemp companies who are doing things right.

We share knowledge to help educate entrepreneurs, consumers, and people in positions of power on the positive impact the legal cannabis industry can have on health, society and the planet.

If our mission resonates with you and your business, drop us a line. Maybe we can combine our efforts?

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