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Smells Like Business is a one-stop solution for all your cannabis copywriting needs.


Whether you need product descriptions, web copy, blog posts, or any other writing services for your cannabis business, we will be happy to take care of it for you.

We can create educational and engaging content that will help you with your cause - whether that is selling CBD products, providing industrial hemp solutions, or spreading the positive word about cannabis.

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High Quality Content from people who know your Niche inside-out.

We are one of the first European agencies (if not the first) to provide copywriting services for cannabis, hemp, and CBD businesses in Europe. We have helped numerous companies get started in the industry by providing consultation and cannabis copywriting services.

We focus on SEO, but don't forget to ensure that every piece we write is well-researched, engaging and informative.

Our clients are cannabis, hemp, and CBD businesses from different European countries, Canada, and the USA. We have experience in working directly with dispensaries, as well as grow shops and headshops, CBD and hemp e-commerce, and specialised packaging companies.

If you are an owner of a cannabis or cannabis-related business, and need help with creating content for your website, let us know!


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Good Copywriting Equals Good Business.

Whether you already have a content roadmap, or need assistance in creating one for your brand, we can help get your project started.
We provide B2B and B2C copywriting services for all cannabis, hemp and CBD brands.
We have worked with every type of cannabis consumer on the market - from those exploring CBD for the very first time, to regular and devoted cannabis users. We write helpful and easy-to-understand  articles, guides, product descriptions, and e-books to help educate, engage, and excite your audience and end-users.


Let's Write!

Would you like us to help you write engaging and educational content about cannabis, hemp, or CBD while keeping SEO in mind?

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