We provide ghostwriting services to CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis companies who want to boost their search engine visibility by creating engaging and educational content for their audience.

We are one of the few European-based content companies in the cannabis space. We are able to write pieces tailored specifically to the European audience, making us the obvious choice for companies venturing into Europe.

We specialise in long forms, such as Blog Posts, Beginner's Guides, Ebooks, Lists, Glossaries, and Web Copy (including product descriptions and the FAQ section) - all written with SEO (search engine optimisation)  in mind. 

We are used to working with small businesses and entrepreneurs entering the cannabis space for the first time, so feel free to reach out to us even if you are unsure what exact services you need. 

SEO Friendly

We use best SEO practices to increase the chances of your website being found via search engines like Google.

Proofread & Edited

Our texts are proofread and edited by a native English-speaking editor.


While we understand the importance of keywords, we always remember to write for people, not just computers.

Well Researched

Our texts are well researched and based on reliable information.

Work With Us

Would you like us to help you write engaging & educational content about Cannabis, CBD or Hemp while keeping SEO in mind?

Let us know. We would love to tell you more!

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